Zombie Candidate Blaine Walpole wants your brain…er, your vote!

The Movie:

It’s been over a year since the zombie apocalypse and the people of Crest Top, AZ have gotten used to life with the shambling dead. But when zombies decide they want the right to vote, folks aren’t quite sure what to think. Zeke Steppenksi, president of the Dead Votes Society, hits the morning talk show circuit to make the case for zombie voters.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Serena Paltry sees a political opportunity with this new voter demographic. She takes the Dead Votes Society agenda one step further and holds a live televised press conference to officially endorse zombie candidate Blaine Walpole 

Unfortunately, Serena forgets the first rule of living with the walking dead: never, ever turn your back on a zombie.

*photo by Stellar Photography.