Video Auditions

Well, all of the spots for the live auditions scheduled for Friday, August 24 have been FILLED! Who’d a thunk so many peeps would want to be in an Indie zombie flick?

For those who are smacking their foreheads thinking, “Dang it! I wanted to audition!” we’ve come up with an alternative plan. Just drop us an email and we’ll send you a copy of the script. Pick the part you want to try out for, make a video of your audition and send it to us!

“How the heck do I do that?” you ask. Well, it’s pretty simple. Most peeps have a cell phone with a video camera – or at least knows someone else who does. So you can record your audition that way, via your ‘puter video camera, or even a regular ol’ video camera. Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo or whatever online platform floats your boat, send us the link and your audition will be considered. Or, y’know, burn it to a disc and we’ll still give it a look-see.

All video auditions must be RECEIVED by midnight, August 24 to be considered. Still have questions? Drop us an email at