ParkerHSParker Anderson (Neal Maverick)

Arizona native Parker Anderson has worked as an actor, director and playwright in community theater in Prescott since 1987. Memorable roles include Joel (Beau Jest) and  Elwood P. Dowd (Harvey) at the Prescott Center for the Arts. Parker also performed as Living History characters for the Blue Rose Theatre at Sharlot Hall Museum, most notably as Judge Henry Fleury. His independent film experience includes roles in two indie shorts, RESUSCITATE and MOVING BOXES.

*Photo by Denise Elfenbein.

MackRobertsonJoanne Mack Robertson (Melissa Blonde)

Joanne is still very much alive, and has been a registered voter in Arizona for more than 30 years. Screen credits include work for CBS Television, Discovery Channel and the British BBC. Stage roles include Annie Sullivan (The Miracle Worker), Meg (Crimes of the Heart), Audrey (Little Shop of Horrors), Charlotte Wallace (Beyond Therapy), Norma Cassidy (Victor/Victoria) and Pamela, Anabella & Margaret (The 39 Steps).

* Courtesy Photo.

CasonHSCason Murphy (Zeke Steppenski)

Cason is a graduate of Los Angeles City College’s Theatre Academy and UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film, and Television. He just finished serving as the Technical Director at the Prescott Center for the Arts in Prescott, AZ, and is focusing on his theatre company, The@trics Theatre, with his partner, Tiffany Antone. Though he primarily spends his time directing and acting in theatre projects, Cason has directed several short films and appeared in the short The Pope of Pontius County.

* Photo by Tiffany Antone.

TiffHSTiffany Antone (Holly Lloyd)

Tiffany Antone is a part-time actor, full time playwright, who also finds time to produce and direct new and innovative works. Her plays have been read/produced in NY, LA, DC, and AZ, and she is the creative mind behind Little Black Dress INK – a female playwright producing organization.  If you’d like to read more about Tiffany, you can do so at or

* Photo by Tiffany Antone.

JudyHS1Judy Stahl (Congresswoman Serena Paltry)

Judy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater Arts from University of Iowa and a Masters in Counseling/Psychology from Prescott College. While still in grade school, Judy starred as Tom in an all-girl production of Tom Sawyer.Theater credits include Abigail Williams (The Crucible), Antigone (Antigone), Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan (M*A*S*H), Mother/Mother Earth (Cars, Fusion Theater) and Liz, Merry Murderess #1 (Chicago, The Musical). She has been a voice actress for commercials, worked as a radio announcer, and has a film credit in the cult movie, The Basement.

*Photo by Denise Elfenbein.

KevinHS1Kevin Goss (Blaine Walpole)

Kevin is an Arizona native, raised in the tiny mountain town of Eagar, then the rough-and-tumble Maryvale district of Phoenix.  As a teenager, he toured the West, acting and singing in Christian musical productions.  He has a BA in Spanish from Northern Arizona University, where he played Don Juan in the Language Department’s staging of the classic, Don Juan de Tenorio.  He has recently been active with the Prescott Center for the Arts, appearing on stage as Ernst Ludwig in Cabaret and playing four characters in Almost, Maine.

*Photo by Denise Elfenbein.



AndrewHSAndrew Johnson-Schmit (Writer/Director)

Andrew was born in Chicago, IL, a small town outside Waukegan that has nonetheless been home to many artistic people. He graduated from Principia College with a BA in Communications and a professional certificate in Book and Magazine Publishing from New York University. Since then, he has worked a number of “straight jobs,” ranging from dishwasher to anti-tank platoon leader. He has also led a “second shift” life as a film maker, public radio show producer, radio theater director, awards show producer, outdoor arts festival director, and master of ceremonies. He considers himself lucky to have the love of a good woman and two pairs of pants.

*Photo by Denise Elfenbein.

AngieHS1Angie Johnson-Schmit  (Writer/Producer)

Angie grew up in Mississippi before heading off to Chicago. There she worked a series of crummy but interesting jobs, met and married her fab hubster and graduated from Columbia College with a BA in Art and Design. Since moving to Prescott, AZ in 1997, Angie has indulged her passion for the diverse local arts and culture scene. She volunteers for Tsunami on the Square Performing Arts and Culture Festival, writes for a few Northern Arizona arts magazines and tries to stay out of trouble. She is deeply amused that bios are typically written in third person, but thoroughly enjoyed following this particular convention.

*Photo by Denise Elfenbein.

ChristianHS2Christian H. Smith (Writer/Evil Comic Genius)

Christian is the product of a selective breeding program conducted in the early seventies, with the aim of producing the perfect corporate copy shop employee. Unfortunately, he was part of the deeply flawed “beta group,” deemed unsuitable because of its slovenly work habits, chronic insomnia and also for having seven toes on each foot. Raised and homeschooled by failed comedy writer foster parents, Christian was often punished by being forced to write Gilligan’s Island spec scripts. Despite all obstacles, he managed to marry a loving, tolerant wife and produce three improbably bright children.

*Courtesy Photo

PenelopeHSPenelope Davis (Production Designer)

As a child, “Penny” would sneak her headphones into class, doodle & daydream. Penelope’s young adult years were spent in the Detroit area doing the standard “Gen-X” jobs: Record Stores, Kinko’s, & Coffee Shops. Due to her involvement with Detroit’s Underground Zombie Rights Movement, in 1996, Penelope was forced to relocate to Prescott, AZ. As a cover for her re-involvement with The Zombie Rights Movement, Penelope became a volunteer for Arizona’s Largest Performance Art Festival, “Tsunami on the Square,” founded a successful Circus Camp for Kids & posed as an art teacher for developmentally disabled clients. While undercover, she was able to create the world’s first Zombie Interpretation Device. With a “Make it Work” attitude, organizational skills and non-stop creativity, Penelope Davis is a natural born Production Designer….still daydreaming & doodling with her headphones on.

*Photo by Christopher Marchetti.

Forrest B&WhsForrest Sandefer (Director of Photography)

Originally from Southern California, Forrest grew up with a passion for Photography that grew into a  passion for film and video. After graduating with a degree in Video Production. Forrest worked in Hollywood, gaining experience in every stage of movie and video production. Since moving to Prescott, AZ, Forrest has continued working in the field  for local television station AZTV 7 , Tim’s Toyota Center (AV Dept) and as  in local independent film and video. He has shot four short films and worked on a number of other local projects, including a video for the City of Prescott that was nominated for an Emmy.

* Courtesy Photo.