Creative Overload Alert!

Lots going on here, even though technically we are STILL EDITING!!! So don’t ask me yet when you can see the movie, ’cause it’s gonna be a few more months, at the minimum. 

But don’t think all we’re doing is sitting around in our undies in front of the flickering light of the computer monitor, editing like crazed monkeys. Okay, that is part of it, but there’s an awful lot of other stuff going on too.

Like…prepping the Press Kit, working on a fer reals website, researching various film festivals, revising the script for the feature and exploring some other (related) creative projects. So yes, at the mo’, this household is on creative work overload. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

But if you come across a spare bit of brain matter floating around, know that it’s just us doing our best to keep the zombies fed!