My Zombie Movie Is in Pieces!

*Production Designer Penelope Davis has guts ‘n zombie parts!

Yeah, okay. I was a little busy last week and completely spaced out on the blog post. So here’s the latest update on our progress!

Last week, we merged the video footage with the audio tracks and now the real fun – and work – is fully underway. It’s a little weird, because even though the finished movie will run somewhere around nine minutes, we have about an hour and a half of multiple takes and variations of shots to work with.

And thank god for that! A good edit means the shots flow so that most people have don’t stop to think that a different shot is being used. Mainly because the transition just makes sense.  Andrew’s got a pretty nifty first pass almost done and I’ll be taking a swing at my version later today.

“Say what?” you ask. “But why do TWO different edits?”  Since Andrew and I know each other – and the overall vision of the movie – so well, we decided it would be easiest to each make an edit so we could actually SEE the editing decisions, discuss them and then make the final cut. We’ve worked on a lot of projects together, and we tend to talk about everything before making big decisions. 

Maybe not the norm, but then we’ve never been the ones who do things in the ‘normal’ way. We just do what works for us.

So hooray for editing and viva los zombies!