“The Dead Votes Society” Cast Announced

Last Friday night, we saw 10 auditions and received a number of videos sent in response to our Craigslist ad and Facebook page.

Angie and I would like to thank all the actors who showed us their work. It was a pleasure to meet you all.

Here is the cast for “The Dead Votes Society”:

(in order of appearance)

Parker Anderson . . . . Neal Maverick, news anchor

Joanne Mack Robertson . . . .  Melissa Blonde, news anchoress

Tiffany Antone . . . . Holly Lloyd, tv journalist

Cason Murphy . . . .  Zeke Steppenski, zombie and president Arizona Dead Votes Society

Judy Stahl . . . . Congresswoman Serena Paltry (R, AZ D9)

Kevin Goss . . . . Blaine Walpole, zombie and candiate for AZ State legislature in D31.

Poll Worker . . . . Delia Whitehead

What a great cast! We’re definitely looking forward to shooting this movie with you all and seeing you and this movie up on the big screen!

Andrew Johnson-Schmit, director